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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Alyn Ware, a Right Livelihood laureate, reports that the laureates as a whole are taking climate change and nuclear weapons to the International Court of Justice and the Human Rights Council. Paul Werbos is troubled by the difficulty of getting advanced technical information about energy production to the people who actually can introduce the real changes. Alyn suggests that he send the information to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Charles Tauber reports on his free training online of lay people in Nepal, Sudan, Ukraine, Turkey, and elsewhere as ‘barefoot psychotherapists” for people suffering from the trauma of war and migration. Sandy Greer reports on her campaign against the burying of nuclear wastes in Ontario. Glen Anderson describes similar problems near Hanford, Washington. Rose Dyson reports that the Trans-Mountain Pipeline has been declared economically unfeasible. Alexey Prokhorenko in Moscow worries that there may be a ceasefire that will only freeze the conflict, so that it begins again within a couple of years. For the video, audio podcast, transcript, and comments column: Then share your views.