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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Andre Kamenshikov is a Russian-American living in Kiev. Alexey Prokhorenko lives in Moscow. The Russian attack on Ukraine began over a month ago, and both report on military situation. So far, the bombings in Kiev have spared the southern suburb where Andre lives. Alexey recognizes that his hardships are minor compare to those of people in Ukraine, but he says there are shortages as people stock up on buckwheat and other staples. The most important stresses are the broken friendships, though one never knows whether one will be the one in 10,000 who gets arrested and jailed for 15 years, e.g. for holding up a sign saying "Two Words." Saying "No War" is forbidden, but even "two words." We give him our warm wishes and expect to stay in touch. For the video, audio podcast, transcript and comment column: Then please share your own thoughts on the comment column.