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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Oct 30, 2021

Barbara Wien is a professor of peace studies at American University. She has long been engaged in creating similar programs at other universities, and explains here the content of the programs and the importance of assigning the students to work in NGOs as part of their training. During the past twenty years, many peace curricula have expanded to include environmental issues. Also, the US Institute of Peace, where Barbara once taught, has adopted more progressive values, whereas it was formerly constrained by a leadership that did not like to move ahead of the State Department. Barbara and Metta expressed different assumptions about the proposal by the International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict to replace the Responsibility to Protect doctrine with a different approach, Right to Assist, which would legitimize the actions of outside organizations to assist protesters and dissident in opposing the abuses of their own government. For the video, audio podcast, transcript, and comments: