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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Apr 9, 2019

On April 6, 2019 the streets of all major cities in Venezuela were filled with protesters supporting Juan Guaidó's presidency of the country and demanding that Maduro step down. Here four Venezuelans living in Canada discuss the prospects of this change with Nestor Garrido, who had been in Caracas streets all that day. They are convinced that the opposition remains strong and committed to nonviolence, so they still are optimistic. (video version 8 April 2019)

This series of weekly discussions is produced by Peace Magazine (see and Project Save the World (see On the latter website, you are invited to comment on this podcast episode and endorse the Platform for Survival, a list of 25 public policy proposals that, if enacted, will markedly reduce the risk of the six most urgent threats to humankind.