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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Apr 1, 2019

This is an era of nonviolent struggle and Dr. Maciej Bartkowski is a scholar who studies how to make such struggles succeed. He does not much use vague words like "democracy" or "peace" or "justice" but insists that organizers establish specific goals of a kind that everyone can know when they have been achieved. And when it comes to helping movements in other countries, his organization, the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, argues that there is indeed a right to assist campaigns abroad that are working to liberate themselves. (video version 25 March 2019)

This series of weekly discussions is produced by Peace Magazine (see and Project Save the World (see On the latter website, you are invited to comment on this podcast episode and endorse the Platform for Survival, a list of 25 public policy proposals that, if enacted, will markedly reduce the risk of the six most urgent threats to humankind.