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projectsavetheworld's podcast

Feb 1, 2019

When Trump met the leader of North Korea in Singapore, Metta called an old friend in Seoul to ask how people felt about what was going on. He, she, and two other experts started by looking out his window.   (Video version 18 June 2018)

  • John Feffer, Editor of Foreign Policy in Focus, of the Institute for Policy Studies.
  • Marius Grinius, Former Canadian Ambassador to North and South Korea and Ambassador for Disarmament
  • Lester Kurtz, Professor of Sociology, George Mason University, now living in Seoul on sabbatical, in conversation with the host, Metta Spencer.

This series of weekly discussions is produced by Peace Magazine (see ) and Project Save the World (see ). On the latter website, you are invited to comment on this podcast episode and endorse the Platform for Survival, a list of 25 public policy proposals that, if enacted, will markedly reduce the risk of the six most urgent threats to humankind.